Excellent Slippery Decking Anti-Slip Solution

RetroGrip® decking inserts are designed to return your slippery decking into a safe space  for you to enjoy, without fear of a major slip or fall.

So simple to install

Fitted with nothing more than a line of adhesive, you can create a safe path of RetroGrip® across your timber decking in minutes.

Two RetroGrip® Colours

RetroGrip® is an elegant low profile decking insert that fits into the grooves of your decking.  It comes in a standard aluminium or grey powder coated finish.

Installing retro grip

REMEMBER: IF your slippery decking is greasy or dirty, the adhesive will stick to the dirt BUT NOT the timber OR the grease will stop it bonding altogether – but there is a simple solution. Please make sure your timber decking is clean before using the adhesive. Thank you. See installation videos and issues for more help.

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