Quick Fitting instructions Uneven Decking

Download the full fitting instructions here.

1. Drop your RetroGrip® insert into the decking grooves to check it fits, or measure up against our profile diagram

We recommend 2 RetroGrip® inserts per standard width deck board, to ensure good anti slip coverage.


  1. CLEAN THE DECK then pump a generous line of GeoCel The Works Adhesive or equivalent into a clean and dry decking groove, the length of each insert. A generous line of adhesive is filling the groove to within 2-3 mm of the top of the decking board / groove.
  2. Drop in the insert and push down level. Glue and drop in 1 insert at a time. DO NOT leave the adhesive for longer than 20 seconds before dropping in the RetroGrip® insert.
  3. Wipe off any excess adhesive from the decking. Leave for for 12 / 24 hours to cure. DO NOT walk on during this time. Leave for longer to cure if the outside temperature is below 5 degrees centigrade.


  1. To use RetroGrip® screws to fix down the inserts, you will have to pre-drill the holes.

Note: RetroGrip® screws are torx head screws and will need a standard torx T10 drive bit / adapter to screw in. Set your your drill / driver to the lowest torque setting possible for when the head of the screw get close to the insert, to avoid over tighening and the screw head damaging the insert.

  1. Start by screwing in the 2 most central screws and work out.
  2. a) The first screw to be approx 315mm in from the left end.
  3. b) The second screw approx 315mm in from the right end.
  4. c) The last 2 screws approx 25mm from each end.
  5. d) Place extra screws in any area of uneven decking to ensure the RetroGrip® insert is pulled down tight to the decking.


If you want to use screws, you must first drill your own screw holes using a 3mm Bosch Multi Use / Multi Purpose Screw Bit or similar to drill your screw holes.


Cutting: RetroGrip® inserts can be cut to length with an angle grinder, using a metal cutting disc or diamond blade.

Please note: When using on steps or high risk areas, consider using more inserts. See our commercial / uneven decking / high risk areas installation guides for more information.

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