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RetroGrip® Website has been updated

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The RetroGrip® Website has been updated over the Christmas holidays.   The original site was old and had a number of issues that were effecting its use for our valued customers.   The site still contains all the valuable content providing all the info you will ever need on our award winning non-slip decking insert. 

Changes have been made to the where to buy page to make it easier to find your local supplier.   A map and postcode search will be added over the next few weeks to make it even easier.  More and more supplier will be add to this page in 2019. 

Anti-Slip inserts have become a popular addition to timber decking.  There and now a few different types available on the UK market.  RetroGrip inserts have been proven to work effectively over time and have won awards for their design.  Photo Galleries and Case studies will be added to the website in the near future to show just how elegant RetroGrip® inserts can look.

The installation instructions have had an update, following feed back from our customers.   We are always listening to what our customers say with regards to installation and working with them to make installation as easy and simple as possible.  One of the main advantages of RetroGrip® inserts over our competitors is the easy of installation and the 5 year warranty provided by the manufacture GripDeck®.

GripDeck is the UK leader in anti-slip decking products.  They have been developing  manufacturing anti-slip products for decking, stairs and external flooring for over 20 years.  They have a number of exciting new anti-slip decking products arriving to the market in 2019.  Watch this space for more news.



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